About Dom

Dom is a technology-driven real estate platform based on an innovative, holistic concept of real estate marketing. It provides a lifestyle approach to properties focusing on their environment as a whole, from eating out to schooling options and transportation.

Word “dom” means “home”, and we believe all of these to be important elements of one. Following these principles, we use our expertise to provide you with a shortcut to the best that Balkans have to offer.

We specialize in real estate marketing, including sales, rent and landlord services, as well as marketing services for real estate investors. An international team with an in-depth knowledge of real estate marketing puts their skills together to provide you with the best product or to find the perfect marketing solution for your property.

Dom’s rich offer is created in co-operation with local real estate agencies, in which our company has the monitoring and management function in order to provide you the best.

We carefully design our selection to support your choices and help you find a new perfect home.

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