Epic night life, thriving cafe culture, hearty meals and emerging, design-conscious industrial districts: Belgrade has a gritty, distinctive appeal.

Dorćol is the oldest part of the city, and at the same time the downtown of Belgrade. Dorćol consists of two parts- Upper Dorćol and Lower Dorćol. However, Lower Dorćol is no longer multicultural neighbourhood like it was in the past, but it’s becoming a very trendy neighborhood of Belgrade due to many hip venues that were opened recently.

No it’s not Slovakia. Not Armenia nor Silesia. It’s Slovenia, perhaps the prettiest little country in Central Europe. I visited there on a delightful quickie drive from Trieste, Italy, and it’s varied landscape reminded me of Switzerland. Slovenia makes a great add-on to a western European trip, or a worthwhile trip in itself.

Meet Savamala – the queen of Belgrade’s nightlife, the crowning jewel of fun outings and good time, filled up with good clubs, pubs, restaurants, and bars. It’s also a place where urban meets culture, and where casual fun can also have a humane character.

You’re a vegan in Belgrade? Or you fast in order to comply with the rules of the Orthodox calendar? Having specific eating habits in Belgrade can make you hungry. Worldwide trends of going vegan are luckily starting to see its ways in Belgrade, and we have made a selection of places that have vegan options.

Like any other cosmopoliten city Belgrade is full of great restaurants.  Whether you would like a sushi restaurant, an American steakhouse, an Italian restaurant, a Thai eatery or exotic Cajun cuisine – you will find it all. Off course, most of restaurants serve Serbia traditional food, that is hearty and tasty, with lot of meat.

Savamala is one of the oldest Belgrade neighborhoods, and it’s ideally located on the right bank of the Sava River. When coming to Belgrade, Savamala is probably the first city quarter that you’ll have contact with, since the railway and bus stations, as well as the airport shuttle bus stop, are located in this area.

If you’re wondering the same thing I was, “what is Belgrade all about?”, then I like to describe it as Berlin’s little brother. Both have been devastated by war, yet host some of the most vibrant club scenes in the world. Both are rich in history, yet are home to some of the lowest paid people in their respective regions.


In the 1950s, the perfume industry boomed in Belgrade. Now Serbia's capital has just one shop left that mixes its own scents. 

Drinking culture is big in Serbia.  There’re many bars and pubs around the city where one can consume beer and since you are visiting Belgrade we recommend to start with some domestic brands such as: Jelen pivo (beer), Lav pivo, Zaječarsko pivo and one craft beer we really like called Kabinet