New developments

Cubo Village, consisting of 9 houses with a personal touch in the interior and the exterior, is located in a 15 km availability from the city of Ljubljana, in an ecologically friendly area surrounded by picturesque landscape.

The design is based on the principle of harmonious connection between the nature and the internal space of the house. This is achieved by combining and mutual overflowing of terraces and the interior of the house at different levels.

With the aim to offer the market the apartments that will dominate with the quality of materials and finishing,  ABlok was designed as a residential and commercial complex with 21 residential strips, office buildings and retail space on the ground floor.

The living area of Central Garden is designed to suit all generations and lifestyles, from family life to modern-day urban one. 

The residential segment of the complex provides future residents with privacy and comfort, while reflecting the atmosphere of city center pedestrian zones.

Belgrade Waterfront takes urban renewal to new heights—a smart city for a future that combines commerce,culture and community.